What’s a Dry Creek?

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Cary, NC – It sounds like a contradiction in terms: Dry Creek. But, in fact, a dry creek is a landscape installation with rocks creates a natural boundary and  improves the overall esthetic of your garden. 

February Gardening: A Transitional Month

February is a transitional month. Winter gardening is coming to an end, but it’s too early to plant most flowers and vegetables.

But February is the perfect time to tackle landscaping projects. A Dry Creek is a good example.

Dry Creeks

At GreenerConcepts, we install a fair number of dry creeks around the Triangle during the winter months.

Sometimes dry creeks serve a purely ornamental purpose, accenting a bed of flowers and shrubs or providing a decorative border to a property line.

Esthetic Appeal

Esthetic appeal just means the dry creek will improve the look of your garden. We try to build dry creeks to look as if nature did the work, imitating the look of a rocky stream bed.

Installing a Dry Creek

Dry creeks are one of the simplest hardscape projects in the garden. They’re certainly less complex to install than brick walls, stone steps or a patio.

But, to be perfectly honest, installing a dry creek is hard work. If you have a bad back or a bum knee, this is not the project for you. Also, be careful about overloading small cars and pickups with too much weight. A few cubic yards of rock can literally weigh a ton and small cars are not designed to safely pull that heavy a load.

If you have questions about a dry creek, feel free to give us a call.

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