Sod: Green All Summer

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Cary, NC – In the South (including North Carolina), we seed our lawn in the autumn. But Spring is the perfect time of year to plant a sod lawn and enjoy a green yard all summer long.

Sod or Turf

Sod, also called turf, is a carpet of living grass with the roots and soil intact. It comes in what look like thick mats which we roll out to make a lawn.

Sod has two main advantages over seed lawns:

  1. Instant green – Sod lawns are well-established after about 30 days. Seed can take two or three years to get established.
  2. Variety – Some of the best (and most unusual) grasses can’t be produced by seed. You can only get them for your front lawn by rolling sod.

Laying Sod

Laying a sod lawn is a bit of a process to get the best success rate.

First, we grade the area to fix any drainage issues  and spray to kill off all the weeds.

Next, we rototill the ground and add topsoil or compost mix. At this point, we add fertilizer and flatten the soil with a roller.

Once the soil is prepared, we lay the freshly cut sod, staggering the rows and butting the ends tightly against each other.

Finally, we water it in.

Types of Sod for the Triangle

The North Carolina Piedmont is on the border between the climate for cool season grasses and warm season grasses. Both do well in the Triangle.

Cool season grasses include Fescue and Kentucky Blue. They look great in Spring and Fall, okay in the winter, but sometimes get stressed in the heat of summer.

Warm season grasses are also popular in the Triangle. Bermuda, zoysia and Centipede all thrive in the heat of summer, but go dormant and turn brown in the winter. Many golf courses in the area use warm season grasses.

Sod offers some truly remarkable lawns not available by seed, like Tifway Bermuda, Mercedes St. Augustine and Kentucky DuraBlue and ThermalBlue.

Greener Concepts offers many types of sod including:

  • Tif-blair Centepide
  • St Augustine
  • Creeping Bentgrass
  • Bermuda ( Tif-grand and Tifway)
  • Zoysia (Emerald, Zion, Compadre, Zenith, El toro)
  • Bluegrass
  • Tall Fescue

Thinking of Sod?

If your lawn is overrun with weeds, or you’re just ready for a change, give us a call about sod. You’ could be walking barefoot through the grass all summer long.

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