From patios and retaining walls, Greener Concepts is ready to meet your hardscaping needs.

Uses of Hardscapes

Nearly every garden benefits from the use of stone, gravel, brick or sand. Greener Concepts can help you realize your dreams with any of these uses of hardscapes:

  • Pathways – Whether you need to go from the front door to the mailbox or just want a meandering trail through the garden, pathways are among the easiest ways to use stone.  The options are nearly endless, from simple gravel paths to intricate patterns of brickwork.
  • Patios – Stone patios provide a transitional space between garden and home. They can be as simple as crushed gravel or timeless and elegant as flagstone.
  • Retaining Walls – Retaining walls usually have a specific purpose. They help prevent erosion, but can also be used to reclaim garden space on a slope (terracing). Stacked stone is great, but cast concrete stone like OldCastle has become very popular. Cast concrete is very durable, affordable and easy to install. It makes an attractive retaining wall, especially with plants trailing over the edge like sedum or ivy.
  • Stream Beds – If you have water running through your property when it rains, why not let Greener Concepts turn it into a dry stream bed? A few stones and a little excavation can control runoff on your property, channel water away from the house and add an element of natural beauty to your landscape.

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