Snow Removal

The winters are generally mild in North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get snow. And when we get snow in the Triangle, it can be a problem.

Greener Concepts can help businesses and residences get rid of snow quickly and economically.

Snow Removal for Business

Whether you have a commercial operation in Fuquay-Varina, a retail location in Cary or an office in Holly Springs, snow removal for business is a must.

Prompt snow removal decreases the chance of employee injuries and allows customers to get to your location.

Contact Greener Concepts about commercial snow removal.

Snow Removal for Homes

Greener Concepts will make quick work of snow on your driveway, street apron, sidewalks or steps.

Driveways with a steep incline (up or down) can be especially dangerous.

In addition to the inconvenience of a frozen landscape, home owners are liable for injury caused by icy conditions on their property.

If you’d like prompt, efficient help keeping your property safe during the winter season, contact Greener Concepts.

When to Plow

Snow is easiest to plow when it’s fresh. Freezing and thawing, or rain on top of snow can turn a pretty white parking lot or driveway into a frozen, dangerous mess. At that point, sand or rock salt may be your only option.

Will It Melt?

Sometimes, it’s tempting to wait and see if a warm day melts off a Carolina snowstorm. Sometimes, we get lucky.

But on many occasions, before the snow can fully melt, we get another downfall.

New snow on top of old snow or ice can be very tough to remove.

Did You Hear Thunder?

Here’s a bit of NC folklore that almost always proves to be true:

If you hear thunder during the winter, it will snow within 10 days.

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Photo by Julia Anderson used under a Creative Commons License.